Each year, we honor and celebrate our sister Jubilarians. Jubilee is a special time to rejoice with our sisters as they celebrate their 25, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 or 85 years of faithful love and service to God through their vowed commitment.

This Jubilee year of celebration and commemoration provides an opportunity for each Jubilarian to renew her vows and reflect on God’s boundless love. The occasion of Jubilee is also a time for all sisters of the province and international congregation to express gratitude to God and to our Jubilarian sisters for their faithful love.

Join us in celebrating our Jubilarian sisters by reading their profiles, sending them an eCard, sharing a story about them or honoring them with a gift.

Featured Jubilarian:

  • Barbara (Marie Rosaire) Geers
    60 years
    "What I cherished most of all was how provincial boundaries did not hamper our ability to make one community. We were faithful to daily community prayer, local assemblies, and a weekend set aside for goal-setting, with time for relaxing and enjoying the beach."

25 years - Silver Jubilee

Johanne Maria Kokubun

Barbara Lambor-Hagel

50 years - Golden Jubilee

Elaine (Mary Samuel) AuBuchon
John LaLande Baricevic
Diane Marie (Marie Quentin) Buckman
Marie LaVern Bullard
Joanne (Mary John Anne) Dehmer
Rita Maureen Deimeke
Rosemarie (Mary Willann) Dvorak
Judith (Ann Clement) Frucci
Bernadette (Marie Dorette) Goessling
Cordis Marie Kato
Linda (Stephanie Marie) Kremer
Margaret (Roman Marie) Lamberty
Audrey (Roy Marie) Lindenfelser
Jane Mary Lorbiecki
Janet (Kenneth Ann) Mallak
Urban Maureen Molitor
M. Ruth Mori
M. Pia Nakama

Barbara (Claudia) Neist
Judy Ann (John Marie) Obermark
Carla Okumura
Dianne Perry
Annette (Joan Marie) Reedy
Judith (Mary Lawrence) Scheffler
Kathy Ann (Colin Marie) Schmittgens
Kathryn (Ann Joseph) Schoolmeesters
Rosemary (Ritamary) Schwalbe
Janet (Mary Ann Peter) Senderak
Marcelle Stos
Judene Marie Studer
Mary Ann Louise Tasse
Joan Marie (Thomas Marie) Van Beek
Jane (Mary Abram) Weisgram
Danielle Witt
Christine Maria (Benedict) Woyach
Paulette Zimmerman

60 years - Diamond Jubilee

Sharon (Mary Andrene) Aalbers
† Joan Bellew
Joyce Ann (John de Deo) Berkel
Bernita Marie Bittner
Midge (Joachim) Breiter
Judy (Marie Bernadine) Corrigan
Patricia Delaney
Catherine (Catherine Laboure) DeWitt
Marie (Laurette) Donahue
Pat (Brigid Maureen) Dooley
Maricé Elvekrog
Lee Anne (Alonza Marie) Farrell
Barbara (Marie Rosaire) Geers
Francine Guglielmo
Barbara Habing
Yvonne (Rochelle) Hiess
Mary Carla Huebner
Chrishelle Jaspers
Ann (Janelle) Koch

Daniel Marie Kukowski
Ellen (De Sales) Lorenz
Marlene (Robert Marie) Manney
Avila Markiewicz
Lucille (Marie Inez') Matousek
Dorez Mehrtens
Therese Marie Merth
Joan (Maris Stella) Moorhem
Geraldine Neier
M. Imelda Nomoto
Mary Bryan Owens
Ancilla Marie Roussel
Arlene (Virgine Marie) Simon
Christine (Mary Redempta) Spour
Mary Camille Szydlowski
Jeanne Marie (Philomena) Waggoner
Miriam Catherine Wesselmann
André Wickenheiser
Elizabeth (Mary Johnita) Willems
Mary Ann (Gerald Marie) Williams

70 years - Gold and Ruby Jubilee

† Mary Karen Anderson
Mary Luke Baldwin
Lawrence Marie Brauer
M. Clared Coyne
Theresa (Clementcele) Duerfahrd
Rita Ann Eisner
Charlotte (Carol Therese) Gaughan
Alice Jeannette (Mary LaReine) Giere

Regina Marie Grohman
Mary Ann (Paul Francis) Huelsing
Marie LeClerc Laux
Lorraine (Laurita) Mosso
Mary Joyce Pietsch
MarieClare Powell
Lauren Spence
Maris Stella Waselak

75 years - Gold, Ruby and Diamond Jubilee

M. Antonice Backes
Mary Bede Hurst

Gabriel Rooding
Mary Francele Sherburne
Esther (Francis Joseph) Smith

80 years - Diamond and Pearl Jubilee

† Mary Louise Van Straten


85 years - Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire Jubilee

† Melvina Pausina


† Deceased


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