Join us in celebrating our 2018 Jubilarians

Jubilee 2018 - Love gives everything gladly, everything again and again, daily. ~Blessed Theresa GerhardingerEach year, we honor and celebrate our sister Jubilarians. Jubilee is a special time to rejoice with our sisters as they celebrate their 25, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 or 85 years of faithful love and service to God through their vowed commitment.

This Jubilee year of celebration and commemoration provides an opportunity for each Jubilarian to renew her vows and reflect on God’s boundless love. The occasion of Jubilee is also a time for all sisters of the province and international congregation to express gratitude to God and to our Jubilarian sisters for their faithful love.

Join us in celebrating our Jubilarian sisters by reading their profiles below, sending them an eCard, sharing a story about them or honoring them with a gift.

The slideshow will be updated as celebrations take place across the province.

Featured Jubilarian:

  • M. Agatha OnoM. Agatha Ono
    50 years
    What impressed me and stays in my memory are the words of Sister Eugenia Laker, one of the first missionaries to Japan after the World War II. She said, "First patience, second patience and third patience."

25 years - Silver Jubilee

Johanne Maria Kokubun

Barbara Lambor-Hagel

50 years - Golden Jubilee

Kathryn (Marie Katherine) Berger
Linda (Anton Marie) Brandt
Susan (Susan Mary) Clark
Jo Ann (David Mara) Cordiero
Janet (Eva Marie) Crane
Mary Frances (Neil Marie) Flynn
Mara Frundt
Cecilia Gros
Karen Marie Hoffman
Marianne Kempa
Mary Theresa (Antoinette) Khirallah
M. Fidelis Kono

Theresa (Raphael Marie) Markus
Caroline Markway
Chrisann Mortensen
Richarda (Benedict) Nenninger
Lucy Nigh
Leslie Noonan
M. Agatha Ono
Regina Palacios
Sharon (Marie Francis) Stecker
Linda Wanner
Cecilia Marie (M. David Patrick) Warner
Mary Willette
Jeanne (Mary Andrew) Wingenter

60 years - Diamond Jubilee

Mary (Marie Eugene) Beck
Rose Andre Beck
Virginia (Bene') Bieren
M. Jane (John Leonard) Boos
Sylvia (RaeAnn) Borgmeier
Lydia Marie Borja
Barbara (Eric Marie) Brumleve
Margaret Ellen (Marie Gerard) Buscher
Carmen Chandler
Jean Ann Crisostomo
Corrine (Corrine Marie) Dahlheimer
Suzanne (Joelise) Eichler
Kathleen (Mary Armand) Fernholz
Andrea Marie Freude
Margaret (Paraclita) Gaier
Henrita Gonia
Carol Ann (Mary Leogene) Gosse
Carol (Judene) Grawe
Virginia (Mary Jude) Grumich
Mary Lynn Heiser
Marylyn (Jean William) Irrgang
Ruth (Jean Rene) Karnitz
Mary Ambrose Kawase
Anne Miriam Kimura
Rose Anthony Krebs
Gloria T. (Immacula) List
Joel Marie Mackay

Carol (Miriam Gabriel) Markus
Joan (Miriam Michael) Markus
Ann (Mary Loras) Marley
Sue (John Mary) Menshek
Margaret Ann (Stanella) Murawski
Marie Antoinette Naumann
Patricia Ann (Bernard Cecile) Obremski
Patricia (Marie Patrice) O’Toole
Joanne Marie Otte
Maria Regina Paulino
M. Thomasette Pittari
Carleen (Mary Antone) Reck
Gladys (Louis Ann) Reisenauer
Rosalind Santos
Marcene (Mary Cletus) Schlosser
Ann (Mary Ronald) Schoch
Rosemary (George Ann) Schuneman
Jacqueline (Ann Maureen) Sellmeyer
Marie (Lawrence Ann) Smith
Mary Lorraine Soukup
Kathleen (Edward Therese) Spencer
Deanne (Richard Maureen) Stratmann
Adrienne Taitano
Jacqueline (Mel) Toben
Sandra Ann (Deborah Jean) Weinke
Jeanette Marie Wieland
Mary Immaculata Zoelle

70 years - Gold and Ruby Jubilee

Mary Fides Bourgeois
Mary Angeleen Brill
Mary Catherine Dundon
Margaret (Robert Marie) Elsen
Mary Emmanuel Fallenstein
Mary Laura Funk
Mary Immaculate Hecker
Colleen Hennessey
Marilee Ketterhagen
Lillia Langreck

Mary Joyce Merten
Mary Donald Miller
Mary Faith Parkinson
M. Vianney Saumweber
Melmarie Stoll
Audrey (Paul Vincent) Straub
Mary Magdala Winter
Justin Wirth
Kenan Wolff
Marie Chaminade Zimmerle

75 years - Gold, Ruby and Diamond Jubilee

Mary Peter Eberhardy

Marie Virginia Strubhart

80 years - Diamond and Pearl Jubilee

Mercita Batog
M. Yvonne Nohava

Helen (Lucius) Siwicki
Mary Cecilius Sliger

85 years - Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire Jubilee

† Melvina Pausina


† Deceased


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