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This is a photo of Mary Staudenmaier, a supporter of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Mary L. Staudenmaier

During this Women’s History month, the School Sisters of Notre Dame highlight Mary Staudenmaier, a Mount Mary University alumnae and Madonna Medal recipient.

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Darrel and Irene Eiden, donors of the School Sisters of Notre Dame share their story of become friends with SSND.

Darrell and Irene Eiden

Darrell and Irene share their history of their friendship with SSND and why they became associates and donors.

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Liliana Lizano, SMP alum, S. Theresa Dietz and Helen Addison pose for a photo at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa, Mississippi.

Helen Addison

A friend and donor Helen Addison, shares her connection to SSND through her experience at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa, Mississippi.

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Bo and Judy Broemmel are posing for a photo in Flordia. These two are special donors to SSND.

Bo and Judy Broemmel

When asked why they support the School Sister of Notre Dame (SSND), Bo and Judy Broemmel reflect on their educational years of being taught by sisters.

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Dr. Leroy Ortmeyer and his wife in a photo. The image was used in the donor newsletter.

Dr. Leroy Ortmeyer

Dr. Leroy Ortmeyer clearly remembers his mother taking him to St. Francis de Sales, for the start of Kindergarten.

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Sharon and Russell Stutes in a photo. The image was used in the donor newsletter.

Sharon Stutes

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic School in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has been a cornerstone to Sharon and the late Russel Stutes’ lives.

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Chef John Folse of New Orleans and his staff prepared and served the festive luncheron for the 2013 Chatawa Jubilee celebration.

John Folse

“The sisters devote their total lives to serving others and, ultimately, God. These sisters are awe-inspiring, and they will inspire you, too.”

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Donor Ann Kampeter

Ann Kampeter

“Sister Kathleen's selfless giving is a true inspiration to me, she is so compassionate in her work and how she ministers to all of the people in the Diocese.”

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Jerry and Betty Mutza attended a mass of appreciation.

Jerry and Betty Mutza

Jerry is grateful to all his SSND teachers and gives them credit for his “good moral foundation, ability to be successful in life, in business, and as a husband and father.”

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