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Experiences with sisters motivate support

Meet our donors Bo and Judy Broemmel

Bo and Judy Broemmel are posing for a photo in Flordia. These two are special donors to SSND. When asked why they support the School Sister of Notre Dame (SSND), Bo and Judy Broemmel reflect on their educational years of being taught by sisters. Bo received his elementary and high school education from SSND at St. Francis elementary school and Quincy Notre Dame High School (QND) in Quincy, Illinois. Bo and Judy met at QND and became high school sweethearts during their junior year. After graduating high school in 1955, the years have held many blessings for Bo and Judy. “The sister who taught me in high school encouraged and pushed me to go farther than I could have imagined for myself. My parents did not go to high school, so they did not know all the opportunities open for me,” states Judy.

SSND were asked to come to St. Boniface parish in Quincy, Illinois, to teach in the school in 1859. St. Boniface and St. Francis parish eventually fell under the same priest and the sisters were asked to attend to St. Francis elementary school as well. The sisters lived and worked in the orphanage at St. Francis, which was attached to the parish, for many years, until a proper school was built. As the school communities grew, the need to separate the elementary school from the high school became a top priority. Historical Society of Quincy & Adams County; https://www.hsqac.org/tracing-the-history-of-quincy-notre-dame-high-schoolThe school that eventually became known as QND was opened in 1867. After many transitions and refocusing of funds, teachers and buildings, the two schools continued to grow. The dedication and charism of SSND was seen by the city of Quincy. Throughout the years, the majority of the funds to build and continue SSND education came from the community.

Giving back to SSND seemed like a natural next step for Bo and Judy, “I simply appreciated what they did during my school years. They did a wonderful job. I’m just trying to pay back.” In September, Bo and Judy will be celebrating their 65th high school reunion. There were roughly 100 students in their graduating class, “We are still a very close class and I credit that to the sisters who gave us such good values to live by,” shares Judy.

Consider joining Bo and Judy by honoring SSND in your estate plans.

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