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A sister at Notre Dame of Elm Grove participates in International Human Rights Day by writing letters to her representatives.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame strive to create a global community where human dignity is respected, all creation is treasured, spirituality is nourished and justice is accomplished as part of our mission to show God’s love to the world.

This commitment is reflected in the work of the Shalom – Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation ministry. Shalom is the Hebrew word for Peace. Shalom is also the word School Sisters of Notre Dame use to describe our international network for justice, peace and integrity of creation. More than 2,500 sisters, associates and friends of SSND across five continents make up the Shalom Network.

The Shalom Network works to enhance just structures that foster fullness of life while changing unjust structures that inhibit it. In the Central Pacific Province, five areas of particular focus are:

  • Care of Creation
  • Immigration and Refugees
  • Human Trafficking
  • Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace
  • Racial Justice

Partner with us in one or more of the following:

Corporate Stances

    Sister Virginia Grumich chats with an immigrant from the Congo at the International Institute Luncheon

    Sisters call for immigration reform that treats every person with dignity, protects families, fixes visa backlog, upholds rule of law, protects borders and national security, and brings immigrants into the formal economy.

    Many SSND pray at a candle light vigil. The corporate stance on gospel nonviolence and just peace calls all to pray against violence.

    SSNDCP corporate stance on gospel nonviolence and just peace

    Sisters are called to take a stand for creative and active nonviolence. Just peace offers a vision to build peace as well as to prevent, defuse, and heal the damage of violence. Pray, advocate and take action against violence!


    The School Sisters of Notre Dame pray for Ukraine. This image was created in solidarity, which features the shape of the country of Ukraine with the words Pray for Peace.

    SSND joint statement regarding the war in Ukraine

    The Central Pacific Province and Atlantic-Midwest Province developed the following joint statement regarding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Join us in renewing our commitment to Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace and pray for peace in Ukraine.

    Hands from all diversity come together, holding a peace bowl at a conference in 2017 to Stand Against Racism.

    SSNDCP statement on Racism

    Sisters are called to pray, speak out, educate, advocate and take decisive action in collaboration with others to establish justice. May the tragic death of George Floyd and all who have died from the violence of injustice energize our collective resolve to collaborate with others in dismantling racism locally and throughout our world.

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