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Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace
Corporate Stance

Card designed by Sister Gen Cassani with origami birds and the words, "Everyone can be an artisan of peace." Image from Shutterstock.

As School Sisters of Notre Dame committed to a more just and peaceful world, we are called to take a clear stand for creative and active nonviolence and against all forms of violence. Our commitment to just peace offers a vision and an ethic to build peace as well as to prevent, defuse, and heal the damage of violent conflict. This ethic is essential in order to promote a culture of life and oneness with all creation. We recognize that peace requires justice and justice requires peacemaking. We are being called to pray, speak out, advocate, educate and take decisive action.

We commit to:

  • Integrate Gospel Nonviolence explicitly into our everyday lives;
  • Cultivate our own inner peace by developing self-respect and recognition of one’s own dignity;
  • Recognize and respect the dignity of each person; live and teach love and compassion for all;
  • Recognize our interconnectedness with all creation and seek to live in harmony with all of life reflecting this in our prayer, practices, and policies;
  • Use education, reflection, prayer and other actions to foster a culture of peace and to eliminate violence in our individual lives, our communities, society, and in our relationship with all of creation;
  • Promote peacebuilding through nonviolent policies, practices and strategies;
  • Advocate for the use of diplomacy and dialogue to abolish war and nuclear weapons; challenge the validity and application of the “just war theory.”

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