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The Doves of Peace Ukraine

By Sister Pat Lange

February 24, 2022

The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) condemn the military action in Ukraine and the suffering it is causing. As our world cries out for peace, let us renew our commitment to Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace. Let us encircle the world with prayer, fasting, and action for peace and reconciliation for the people of Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Reflect and pray with SSND through this poem.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame pray for Ukraine. This image was created in solidarity, which features the shape of the country of Ukraine with the words Pray for Peace.

The doves of peace have scattered. War has become the raging monster, the avenger of past lost glory and power.

The doves of peace look for safe refuge, but finding none, they are now hidden in the hopes and dreams of the people.

What was once a land of aspirations and beauty, has become a killing field, where life itself has become mixed with Mother Earth, its rainbow-colored flowers replaced by bombs, land mines, bullets and missiles. Tears of sorrow now water the Earth.

The laughter of children is only a recent blurred memory, and in its place a dark foreboding fear of the unknown. Humanity, stunned by this unwarranted transgression, has now awakened, seeking the wisdom of nations to end this brute attack on freedom.

It will find a way, and… Humanity will free the doves of peace once again.

They will rise and spread their wings of freedom, gifting what was lost, healing the wounds of war, embracing the hopes, the dreams, the future, and the dignity of a suffering people.

This reflection is dedicated to all victims of oppression.

Join us in praying A Peacemaker’s Prayer.

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