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Celebrate a SSND who impacted your life

Sisters Dana Marie Heffner, Elizabeth Newman and Carol Marie George at Jubilee 2023 Celebration in Covington, Louisiana.

We all have that special teacher, mentor or friend who made a profound difference in our lives. For many of us, a SSND filled one or more of those important roles. Now you can share your unique story and honor the sister who inspired you.

Use this form to tell a Jubilarian about the special moments, funny memories, or meaningful impact she had on your life journey. Your personal story will be a treasured gift as she celebrates her milestone anniversary.

With your permission, we may also share excerpts from your story on our website, social media or in our publications. This will allow others to be inspired by the remarkable women who selflessly serve our community. Your story can motivate others to show their appreciation and support for our Jubilarians and all sisters.

Take a few moments to spread joy and make Jubilarian’s day extra special.

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