Gather for retreat. Unite more closely with God. Trust in God. Pray fervently and often. Hear God speak to your heart.

Adapted from the writings of Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger

Retreats at St. Mary of the PinesGazebo by Kramer Lake at St. Mary of the Pines, Chatawa, Mississippi

Consider a variety of retreat opportunities at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa, Mississippi. Learn more about this retreat center, which provides a place of peaceful serenity.

Retreats at Our Lady of Good Counsel

Make your retreat in the restful, quiet atmosphere of Good Counsel Hill. The chapel, spacious grounds, walking paths offer the perfect setting for prayer and reflection. Certified Sister directors are available. Find out about retreat opportunities by viewing our printable brochure.

Quilting on the Hill Retreat

Quilting on the Hill RetreatAttend the School Sisters of Notre Dame Quilting on the Hill Retreat, held on March 12-15, 2020. This retreat provides opportunities for experienced and new quilters and crafters to create, connect, reflect and relax. Register for the Quilting on the Hill Retreat.


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