Women's Leadership Luncheon 2022 Presentation Materials

The 2022 Women's Leadership Luncheons will feature women who demonstrates leadership, compassion and committment to their community.

Learn more about the artist, Sister Barbara Palenczy, SSND

The Women’s Leadership Luncheons are the School Sisters of Notre Dame’s (SSND) annual events that recognize women leaders who make a positive difference in their communities. Held in four metropolitan-area cities each spring, the luncheons are guided by the SSND commitment to transform the world through education, empowering women to become leaders in their communities. This year, the focus is on courageous, compassionate and confident leadership of women who met the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Please enjoy pre-event interviews with our presenting sponsor and each of our speakers.

Presenting sponsor: Ann Kampeter

Milwaukee speaker: Eve M. Hall, Ph.D.

St. Louis speaker: Aamina B. Akhtar, M.D.

St. Louis speaker: Marsha Benney

St. Paul speaker: Jody Nelson, Ed.D, LMFT

Luncheon Programs:

The event programs from each event.

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Meet the artist, Sister Barbara Paleczny, SSND

Photo of Sister Barbara Paleczney, SSND

A Canadian School Sister of Notre Dame, Barbara Paleczny, Ph.D., STh.D., lived in South Sudan for many years as a member of Solidarity with South Sudan. Solidarity with South Sudan was founded by religious communities who send sisters, brothers and priests from around the world to live and work together there. Her ministry included teaching at Solidarity Teachers’ Colleges and teaching others to give workshops in healing from trauma and providing psychosocial support.

Sister Barbara enjoys painting and paints mostly from her prayer and dreams as a way to stay healthy. Expressing these, to her surprise, has opened up dialogue and healing for others as well. Currently, Sister Barbara is on sabbatical and lives in Canada.

Description of the painting by Sister Barbara

Photo of a watercolor painting by Sister Barbara Paleczny

Painting is one of the great surprises in my life since I grew up convinced I could not draw. At first, I painted to express my dreams and prayers. Gradually, this expanded as I lived in San Antonio, Texas, teaching at the university there and serving as the Shalom/JPIC Coordinator for the Dallas unit. Living there was a great blessing in my life, as I joined in sisters' wholehearted laughter and tears. Certainly, the beauty of people and nature, the pain of trafficked slaves, touched me deeply and showed up often in my paintings. With Sue Menshek, SSND, and others, we started the South Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Anne Semel, SSND, fostered making our home into an art gallery. The painting, "Flowing Surprises," was a quick response in prayer. This year, another great surprise is my learning to sing. We are never too old to learn, are we?

Barbara, SSND

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