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SSND reflects on gratitude

On Gratitude

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, it is fitting that we pause to reflect on gratitude. As School Sisters of Notre Dame, gratitude is at the heart of SSND spirituality and is expressed beautifully in lived experiences. From reflecting on God's abundant graces, to appreciating SSND community, to finding joy in the natural world around us, these perspectives highlight the multitude of reasons we must be thankful. May we all be inspired to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, not just during this season, but every day.

Photo of Sister Rose Rita Huelsmann

“There is so much I am grateful for. I cannot make the wars and the trash and the waste go away. I can listen to the varied bright colored mums, the beautiful fall tones in trees and bushes, the little creatures that run around the property shouting, ‘God is alive’ speak to my heart and respond with a grateful thank you every morning, every noon and every night. I say with poet Mary Oliver, ‘My job is to be astonished at the world.’ And I certainly am.
~Sister Rose Rita Huelsmann

Sister Joanne Hanrahan

“Gratitude in my life is a matter of the heart. Every day brings moments of living and encounters that are moments of joy and connection—people out walking, the surprise gift, children waiting for the school bus, the shadow in the trees, the shimmering sunlight. Gratitude overflowing for the family, friends and colleagues who share the journey with me. There are thousand-fold, thanks for the teachers, neighbors, guides, students and friends who gifted me with an abundance of wisdom, delight and love. “
~Joanne Hanrahan

Photo of Sister Mary Ann Osborne

“We are invited to share our abundance with the less fortunate, being grateful for the countless blessings God has showered on us. The words, ‘God multiplies good and feeds in me the multitude’ issue a call to us to extend to the hungry, imprisoned, and oppressed the wealth of the loaves and fishes. Through extending these ancient but ever new seeds of Eucharist, we witness an increase of God's blessing on our fragile earth. The abundance is given that we might share. The gift itself multiplies and shows forth its abundance.”
~Sister Mary Ann Osborne

Photo of Sister Sharon Waldoch

“As I reflect on gratitude and my list of things for which I am grateful, I pause and think the list would be easier if I could just share the things for which I am NOT grateful. Seriously, for me I could list multiple things, events, joys, challenges, ‘you name it’ to the gratitude list. First, I am grateful for the presence of God in all the experiences I’ve had/have in my life. Next, I would like to share that I am fully aware that the spirit, prayers, and community of SSND are a part of my whole being.”
~Sister Sharon Waldoch

Photo of Sister Mary Alyce Lach

“I owe heartfelt gratitude to all those who have entered my life, blessing me with their love, inspiration, support and encouragement throughout my Notre Dame journey. I am a reflection of their great love and goodness to me.”
~Sister Mary Alyce Lach

Photo of Sister Gayle Hurban

“As a 50-year Jubilarian I am grateful for my life, my family, my faith, my vocation, my prayer life, my relationship with God, community life and my ministry.”
~Sister Gayle Hurban


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