Notre Dame High School students take the Urban Plunge

Students from Notre Dame High School (NDHS) in St. Louis immersed themselves in the SSND mission when students took part in the Urban Plunge program at Elm Grove, Wisconsin, this past June. The Urban Plunge program exposes participants to social justice issues through discussions, presentations and one-to-one experiences within the city of Milwaukee. Since the program lessons are tailored to participants , NDHS chose homelessness, racism, hunger and immigration.

Students at NDHS take on the Urban Plunge in Milwakee, Wis.Activities included sharing a meal with the homeless and homeless vets, shopping on a budget with food stamps, working at a food bank, tutoring people studying for their citizenship tests, and going to an intergenerational center where students worked with children and adults. Students also had lunch with the sisters at Elm Grove, after which they took a tour of Notre Dame of Elm Grove, visited Mother Caroline’s grave and went to Mount Mary University.

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  • SSNDs open doors to Vietnam SSNDs in St. Louis and Mankato have welcomed eight sisters from Vietnam. Four sisters currently studying with SSNDs in St. Louis will soon be making their way to Mankato, Minnesota, to continue with their language studies. They hope to use their new skills to open a Catholic college in Vietnam.
  • Sisters active in anti-trafficking efforts Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons (TIP), is a modern-day form of slavery. Catholic Sisters representing religious congregations based in Wisconsin continue efforts to end human trafficking. Their outreach includes promoting the national human trafficking hotline information via billboards and bus ads Wisconsin-wide.
  • SSNDs call for immigration reform The Supreme Court’s recent ruling to block the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals reinforces the need for Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Our mission as School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province supports and calls us to accept and serve all in need.

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