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Diversity is defined as the condition of having or being composed of different elements. Often the first element of diversity that comes to mind is race, but diversity can be discussed in terms of differences in thoughts, words and deeds. Differences in how we look, act and think can create challenges, but there are many opportunities to come together and celebrate our uniqueness.

Since 1833, the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) have committed to helping children and adults from all walks of life to reach their fullest potential. They have used different ministries to serve diverse groups of people. They welcome all women from across North America and around the world into the congregation. Embracing diversity in how they live and through their various ministries, sisters work together to proclaim the good news as SSND, directing their entire lives toward that oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent.

Notre Dame of Kyoto Children's choir with S. Anne Arthur Klinker leaving Mount Mary University for a tour of Milwaukee.
Notre Dame of Kyoto Children's choir with S. Anne Arthur Klinker leaving Mount Mary University for a tour of Milwaukee.

The March 2020 Women’s Leadership Luncheons will provide the opportunity to come together to discuss diversity and the struggle for unity and will focus on diversity’s impact on our society. Examples include the need for diversity education in homogenous groups, the impact of education on the acceptance of diversity and, segregation and its presence in today’s cities.

Luncheon speakers in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Dallas and St. Paul, Minnesota, will select a specific diversity topic relevant to their city, such as, “Developing a culture of Diversity and Inclusion” and “Setting the World on Fire: Our Diversity is our Strength.” Participants will leave with an understanding on how to seek opportunities in promoting acceptance of diversity in their communities.

During the month of October, diversity awareness month, let us remember to always recognize, honor and celebrate our differences.

Save the date for the March 2020 Women’s Leadership Luncheons

Learn more about Global Diversity Awareness Month.
Read the recent SSND corporate stances, which reflect a commitment to diversity.

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