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"Come and See": An invitation to explore new opportunities with associates

By Sister Kathy Schmittgens and Associate Anne Carey, Co-Directors of Associates

The phrase "Come and See," often used to extend invitations to new programs or opportunities, carries significant weight in the context of Jesus' teachings. Recognizing the importance of providing easily accessible information and preparation to those interested in becoming SSND associates, more sisters have embarked on the journey of inviting men and women to explore this path. The period since the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an abundance of options available to us. In January, we initiated an opportunity for sisters to gain insights into our plans for an online associate preparation process. Subsequently, in February, we extended the invitation to men and women to learn more about the implications of this endeavor for them.

SSND associates in Magnolia, Mississippi

Every second Monday of the month, we delve into a distinct facet of our history and charism as the School Sisters of Notre Dame. In past sessions, we have delved into the faith history of our founder, Blessed Theresa, encouraging participants to reflect on their own spiritual journeys. These discussions take place in small groups online, fostering connections among individuals embarking on this path. We have also explored the early foundations established by St. Augustine, Peter Fourier, Michael Wittman, and Sebastian Job. Moreover, we have delved deeper into the life of Blessed Theresa, examining her unwavering commitment to taking risks as she listened to God's will.

Recognizing that not everyone can attend our monthly Monday sessions, we ensure that our Zoom calls are recorded for later use in smaller, in-person groups. These recordings will also be made available to prospective associates in the future. Currently, we have 13 men and women participating in our online presentations. We are pleased to note that individuals and groups in Dallas; Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; Magnolia, Mississippi; Mankato, Minnesota; and on the island of Guam have also found value in the recorded materials.

Associates in the Dallas area

We introduce a different form of prayer each month, as we do not dedicate an entire month to this practice. This element of our preparation process has been widely embraced. Participants have engaged in prayer experiences such as Lectio Divina, Examen of Consciousness, and litanies.

Associates are lay women and men who embody the mission and spirit of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in their daily lives. Leveraging their individual and unique talents, each associate contributes to addressing evolving needs, serving both within their local communities and beyond.


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