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Celebrating Epiphany and creativity!

By Sister Lynore Girmscheid

Celebrating the feast of the Epiphany holds a special place in my heart. My mother’s birthday is January 6 (the traditional date) and so growing up, our family celebrated the 12 days of Christmas, concluding with the celebration of her Epiphany-birthday! In my adult years, I served as a parish director of music and liturgy and remember the joy of finally having some time off after concluding the Advent-Christmas cycle with the celebration of Epiphany. So, for many years, the celebration of the Epiphany has held both personal and professional significance.

Sister Lynore Girmsheid with display of her crafts.

I also love the tradition of using chalk to mark the entryway to my office or house on Epiphany by inscribing the numerals of the New Year with the initials of the Magi. This year, when I write 20+C+M+B+23, I will ask Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar to bless and guide me on the unknown paths that the coming New Year will offer.

On a personal note, as I anticipate the gift of full retirement at the end of June, I find myself praying for wisdom and guidance in my life. Celebrating the feast of the Epiphany invites me to reflect on my journey in light of another journey: in the darkness and in the quiet, by following stars and riding high on the back of a camel (which I did in the desert of the Holy Land), are images that guide me on this journey.

Sister Lynore Girmscheid's decorated apron

Anticipating that I will have more time for creative activities, I have studied various tutorials and learned how to craft beaded light catchers, bracelets, bookmarks and zipper pulls. I’ve made embellished gift tags from recycled greeting cards and used Scrabble letters to make seasonal signs. I have participated in several local craft fairs, selling my “Charming Beads” products, to financially support our SSND retirement fund.

By using what I have, I try to re-purpose, modify and adapt various beaded products. I create pieces that reflect beauty and purpose and are more than just a product. I affirm the gift of creativity and celebrate that giftedness as a sign of God’s presence in my life. I embrace the beauty offered in both good times and bad, trusting that the guidance of the beloved will lead me to all that is good, true and holy; three gifts of wisdom offered not only on the feast of the Epiphany but found in creative living all year long.


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