Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Four students at Notre Dame High School in St. Louis.The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) have a rich history of being educators in all that they do, including supporting Catholic schools throughout the Central Pacific Province. In honor of SSNDs education history, please join us in celebrating National Catholic Schools Week from January 27 – February 2. During this week-long celebration, Catholic Schools have a theme they share and participate in with the students and community.

The themes for 2019 are:

  • Sunday - Celebrating your parish
  • Monday - Celebrating your community
  • Tuesday - Celebrating your students
  • Wednesday - Celebrating the nation
  • Thursday - Celebrating vocations
  • Friday - Celebrating faculty, staff and volunteers
  • Saturday - Celebrating families.

Celebrate with us by learning more about SSND sponsored schools with their mission statements.

Marian Middle School – St. Louis

Marian is an all-girl, family-focused, and faith-based school. Students receive a transformational education and enrichment programming during their middle school years and Graduate support throughout high school and college, so they can develop the critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and life skills needed to succeed. From fifth grade through career success, we are Educating Girls for Life!

Visit the Marian Middle School website to learn more.

Notre Dame High School – St. Louis

Notre Dame High School is a girls’ Catholic college preparatory secondary school, which empowers young women to become confident, compassionate Christian women leaders. Today, 100% of Notre Dame High School students pursue higher education. Our more than 7,500 alumnae live and work in 46 states and eight countries and comprise 30% of our faculty and staff. And, in a time when schools have few religious on their faculty and staff, Notre Dame High School employs five School Sisters of Notre Dame with additional volunteers in various capacities.

Visit the Notre Dame High School website to learn more.

Notre Dame School of Milwaukee

Sister asisting student with an assignment. Notre Dame School of Milwaukee is a Catholic school sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Following in the Christian tradition, Notre Dame fosters respect, responsibility and sharing of personal talents, while preparing students for admittance to a college preparatory high school. In an English and Spanish bi-literate setting, emphasis is placed on leadership skills, critical thinking, and social justice, while empowering students to make positive contributions to society.

Visit the Notre High School of Milwaukee website to learn more.

Mount Mary University – Milwaukee

At Mount Mary, it goes beyond a love for learning — it’s love and learning.

Mount Mary University’s dedication to nurturing bold, brilliant women is built upon solid traditions of the School Sisters of Notre Dame that is forever present on our campus. Since 1913, these courageous women have infused Mount Mary with strong values and an unquenchable spirit.

Our commitment to the development of the whole person continues to shine through more than 100 years later. Mount Mary fosters personal growth through creativity, social justice and a solid curriculum for professional success — regardless of your major.

It’s more than a campus — it’s a community.

Visit the Mount Mary University website to learn more.

Notre Dame School of Dallas

Notre Dame School educates students with developmental disabilities and facilitates their integration into society. For 50 years this mission statement has guided the Notre Dame School as it has served as a unique educational resource in Dallas. Notre Dame School is the only school exclusively devoted to educating students with developmental disabilities. The school’s individualized curriculum ensures that each child’s needs are met in a caring and appropriate way.

Visit the Notre Dame School of Dallas website to learn more.

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  • Immigration: Just the facts The School Sisters of Notre Dame will host a seminar called “Immigration: Just the Facts”, Thursday evening, April 6, from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mankato, Minn. A representative from the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota will present facts about immigration.
  • Celebrating Mother Caroline: A lesson in courage The passion and courage of Mother Caroline Friess, the American foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, can be seen in the ministries of sisters today. More 100 years later, sisters continue her efforts to educate and aid immigrants and those less fortunate.

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