Are you called to be an associate?

By Anne Carey, associate, and Sister Lupe Valdez,
Associate Program Co-Directors
Sisters and associates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gathered hygiene products and clothes to support SSND immigration ministries along the southern border.

Associates of School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) are women and men who feel called to live the spirit and values of the community’s foundress, Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger. They form a special relationship with the sisters and, together, address the needs of our time, especially those of women, youth, and those who are poor and marginalized. They enter into a formal relationship with the community in the form of a covenant, which is an exchange of promises between the associates and the community.

  • Have you been influenced by the School Sisters of Notre Dame?
  • Are you attracted to the way the sisters spread God’s love throughout their local community and the world?
  • Are you interested in forming a closer relationship with the School Sisters of Notre Dame?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to consider a SSND associate relationship.

Associates promise to further the mission of SSND by:

  • Deepening personal and communal prayer.
  • Participating in local and congregational activities.
  • Striving to live the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus and extending that spirit into service for God’s people.

Over 300 associates of the Central Pacific Province gather in 13 states, the Territory of Guam and Japan. Through gatherings and publications, the associates grow in awareness of the urgent needs of our times and the ways they can respond to help transform our world. In recent years, some of the urgent needs associates are addressing are human trafficking, immigration and care of creation issues.

Associate Laura Harvancik, made her first covenant as an SSND associate on October 5, 2019. Laura shares, “Becoming an associate continues to heighten my inspiration to service. Walking this path immerses me in diversity, it exposes me to issues of equity, social justice, inclusion and peace, and joins me with others passionate about unity, service and responding to the needs of our times.

Laura first became involved with SSND as a volunteer at Notre Dame of Elm Grove, Elm Grove, Wisconsin. More recently, she became Director of Rising Stars Volunteer Tutoring Program, a sponsored ministry of SSND. Laura shares, “As an associate with the School Sisters of Notre Dame, I am blessed with the confidence to step up and address the challenges of chaos, crisis and insecurities facing our most precious resource – our kids. Together we learn to trust God and one another and we continue to strive towards making a difference through the devotion and life direction of Blessed Theresa and Mother Caroline.”

Like Laura, most associates are quick to admit how the connection with SSND has transformed their lives.

If you are interested in exploring the calling as an associate of SSND, please contact us at or call 314-633-7096.

Explore how associates live their calling.

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