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The eNewsletter is published monthly and contains articles about the history of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, reflections from sisters, ministry articles and upcoming event details. Subscribe to receive our eNewsletter.


2022 eNews archive page header focuses on sisters in mission, and ministries.


      • July 2024
        Notre Dame School of Milwaukee: Committed to community | A pilgrimage to Guatemala
      • June 2024
        Sisters offer artful expressions on the importance of World Environment Day | Sisters at The Sarah Community create a revitalized reading space
      • May 2024
        Service at the heart of the charism – a reflection from Sister Carol Jean Dust |Students explore SSND ministries for alternative spring break | The Kyoto connection: Students and sisters celebrate a shared history
      • April 2024
        Thanks to our 2024 Women’s Leadership Luncheon sponsors and attendees | Good Counsel Learning Center settles into its new home | Catholic Schools Week provides opportunity for celebration and connection
      • March 2024
        Congratulations to our 2024 Jubilarians! | A Rabbi, a professor, a police chief and an attorney walk into a room | Struggle, solidarity and hope: Human rights in Honduras | Celebrating Catholic Sisters Week
      • February 2024
        Laudato Si’ weekly Lenten reflections 2024 | Women as Peacemakers in a Fractured World of Violence | Called to Action Season 4: Racial Justice
      • January 2024
        The ordinary is extra-ordinary | One sister’s legacy | Mindful consumption for the sake of all God’s creation


      • December 2023
        Seeking goodness in challenging times | Our Lady of the Angels: A caring community | Earth-friendly Christmas
      • November 2023
        Laudato Si’ and community empowerment | SSND reflects on gratitude | National Vocation Awareness Week 2023
      • October 2023
        Let peace and justice flow: SSND living peace and nonviolence | Gathering of Academy of Notre Dame alumnae | The history of Foundation Day
      • September 2023
        Women’s Leadership Luncheon | Mission in full circle | Honoring Sister Lucille Zerr’s legacy
      • August 2023
        Summer Learning is fun | Transforming land, nurturing community: Living Earth Center | Embracing immigration with compassion
      • July 2023
        Celebrating new leadership | “Come and See”: Discover new opportunities with SSND associates | Sister Joyelle Proot featured in “Beyond Belief” juried exhibit
      • June 2023
        190 year anniversary of SSND | A life of service: Sister Janet Tanaka | From macro to micro: Living out Laudato Si’
      • May 2023
        Cristo Rey: Preparing the leaders of tomorrow | Move over, poverty! Bikes coming through! | The North Dakota Anti-Garb Law of 1948
      • April 2023
        Thank you to the 2023 Women’s Leadership Luncheon sponsors | Easter reflection | Transformation through education in Nepal
      • March 2023
        Celebrating Catholic Sisters Week | Whole Kids Outreach becomes an affiliated ministry of SSND | Women’s Leadership Luncheons continue to inspire
      • February 2023
        Congratulations to our 2023 Jubilarians! | Laudato Si’ Lenten reflections 2023 | Why I became a SSND associate
      • January 2023
        Standing for human dignity and against human trafficking | Performing with the St. Louis Symphony | Celebrating Epiphany and creativity!


      • December 2022
        God newborn | Christmas traditions | Building community grounded in oneness through hospitality
      • November 2022
        A wholistic approach to wellness: Body, mind and spirit | Celebrating 175 years of SSND in North America: A history of firsts | Sister Jan Berberich reflects on gratitude
      • October 2022
        2023 Women’s Leadership Luncheon | Trinity Woods: Making a place a home | Welcoming new associates
      • June 2022
        Moving forward in our new normal | Sister, historian and educator | Serving those who serve us: Lenten gifts
      • May 2022
        Commemoration of Blessed Theresa’s feast day in Guam | Implementing Laudato Si’ | Associate co-director reflects on connections
      • April 2022
        The gift of Alleluia Baskets | The thread weaving through my life | Thank you to our sponsors | Africa becomes home
      • March 2022
        Inspiring future leaders | Remembering Sister Giovanni | Nurturing gifts builds stronger faith | Falling in love - staying in love
      • February 2022
        Reflections on Jubilee 2022 | Leadership and mentoring go hand-in-hand | Restorative justice
      • January 2022
        Launching Season 2 of our podcast | Laudato Si’, a seven-year commitment for SSND | In gratitude for service to the church | Reflection on border experience

2021 eNews archive page header focuses on sisters in mission, and ministries.


      • December 2021
        A reflection on the mystery of transformation | Celebrating Christmas traditions | Christmas: trees of gratitude
      • November 2021
        Vocations to religious life are joyful and alive! | Welcome to the Generalate | One of life’s most stressful events
      • October 2021
        Foundation Day celebrations | A life in snapshots | Sisters reflect on leadership
      • September 2021
        2022 Women’s Leadership Luncheons | International Day of Peace - September 21 | Reflection on Notre Dame of Elm Grove
      • August 2021
        New affiliated ministry | Seeking abolition of nuclear weapons | A passion for mission ministries
      • July 2021
        Vocation team uses online platforms | The SSND farm at Elm Grove | Technology becomes a gift – 2021 Jubilee celebration
      • June 2021
        God is with us in our common journey | Provincial leader reflects on 10 years | Nun versus sister, is there a difference?
      • May 2021
        Collaborative Blessed Theresa celebration | Sisters reflect on their time in Rome | The founding of Notre Dame of Elm Grove
      • April 2021
        The 2021 Virtual Women’s Leadership Luncheons | The Resurrection | Listen to our podcast Called to Action
      • March 2021
        2021 Virtual Women’s Leadership Luncheons | Sisters appreciate their caregivers | Lent and COVID-19
      • February 2021
        New chapel at Trinity Woods | Creative solutions for Care of Creation | Mother Caroline and the Liturgical arts
      • January 2021
        Jubilee 2021: faithful to our calling | Prioritizing Care of Creation | What’s in a name?

2020 Archive eNewsletter photo gallery


      • December 2020
        Advent 2020: A new perspective | Mount Mary University and SSND charism | Are you preparing for Christmas or “Consumas?”
      • November 2020
        Called and sent: vocation awareness | The importance of Care of Creation | Retirement for a sister
      • October 2020
        "Wisdom has built herself a house” | Foundation day gratitude | St. Louis Archdiocese’s first Parish Life Coordinator
      • September 2020
        Women’s Leadership Luncheons 2021: Care of Creation | Join SSND in shaping peace together | Celebrating Jubilee in creative ways
      • August 2020
        How teaching has changed | Success in ministry schools | Reflection on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
      • July 2020
        International sister reflections during COVID-19 | SSND receives two prestigious awards | An unforgettable experience
      • June 2020
        Social distancing and COVID-19 | Ministries during COVID-19 | Opening our hearts - volunteering in El Paso, Texas
      • May 2020
        Blessed Theresa: SSND foundress and gifted teacher | Women’s Leadership Luncheons presentations | From Chatawa to Covington
      • April 2020
        Staying positive during COVID-19 | Easter: faith, hope and charity | Honoring Earth every day
      • March 2020
        Sister Margaret Ellen Traxler called us to do more | Sisters reflect on their journey in Japan | At our doorstep
      • February 2020
        Embracing diversity through creativity | Drawn into a moment in history: the transformation of Sister Marie LeClerc Laux | Taking on the mind of Christ
      • January 2020
        Past, present and future of St. Mary of the Pines | Cultivating diversity through education | Jubilee, a time of gratitude and celebration

2019 Archive eNewsletter photo gallery


      • December 2019
        Provincial Council reflects on transitions | Sisters reflect on Advent season | Holiday celebrations in ministries
      • November 2019
        Women’s Leadership Luncheons in 2020: Diversity | SSND Corporate Stance: Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace | Sisters reflect on their time in El Paso, Texas | New focus for SSND ministries
      • October 2019
        Diversity awareness month | The Grape Arbor in Elm Grove | “Seasickness appeared:” the first SSND voyage to North America
      • September 2019
        MORE empowers through literacy and diversity | Care of Creation across the Province | May peace prevail | Rug hooking in Guatemala
      • August 2019
        Two Jubilarians reflect on their teaching ministries | The start of a new year at Notre Dame School of Dallas | Reflection on the Assumption of Mary | Alumna of Notre Dame High School in St. Louis turned 100
      • July 2019
        Meet the new provincial council | The travels and trials of Mother Caroline Friess | Sister’s mission to Africa provides enriching experiences | Two Province of Africa sisters at Mount Mary University
      • June 2019
        Celebrate the 2019 Jubilarians | Living Earth Center – Farm to School Movement | Reflection on Pentecost and Corpus Christi | Trip to Belize offers unique experiences | Prayer for torture awareness month
      • May 2019
        The history of the Red Barn in Mankato, Minnesota | Reflections: The Easter season | Natural burials: An eco-friendly alternative | World Fair Trade Day is May 11
      • April 2019
        Sister Antonina Kratochwil: A beacon of hope | Sisters Helen Plum, Jean Greenwald and Martha Bertsch serve refugees in Austria | Sister Alice Zachmann: Champion for peace
      • March 2019
        SSND associates take a stand against human trafficking | “Why I Love Azaleas” | Lent reflections | Central Pacific Province prepares to elect new Provincial Council | Celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week
      • February 2019
        2019 Women’s Leadership Luncheons – focus on human trafficking | A human trafficking survivor’s story | SSND associates nicknamed “The Cemetery Girls” | Enjoy a Valentine’s Day reflection
      • January 2019
        What is human trafficking? | Champion for diversity, inclusivity and equality | Urgent Needs: Primary focus for the School Sisters of Notre Dame | Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

2018 Archive eNewsletter photo gallery


      • December 2018
        Hope, peace, joy and love | SSND supports the Yellow Butterfly Project | Christmas traditions across the Central Pacific Province
      • November 2018
        Our Lady of Good Counsel’s historic organ | Spreading awareness of human trafficking | School Sisters of Notre Dame commemorate 100 year history in the Diocese of Bismarck
      • October 2018
        Celebrating 185 years of ministry | What can one person do about human trafficking? | Women’s Leadership Luncheons focus on human trafficking
      • September 2018
        Bells provide connection to SSND’s history | Notre Dame High School hits highest enrollment in 3 years | Sex trafficking: Not Just a Super Bowl Issue | Notre Dame High School students take the urban plunge | Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry
      • August 2018
        Lending a helping hand: St. Augustine Wellston Center | PEPI leaves a 40-year legacy of empowerment | A call for solidarity from Honduras | Living out Care of Creation
      • July 2018
        History and mission celebrated at North American Archives dedication | The relevancy of “Aging with Grace” for today’s college students | A mission that resonates
      • June 2018
        English Tutoring Project celebrates 20 years of success | Celebrating 185 Years as a Congregation | Use this time of the year to reflect on God’s works
      • May 2018
        Walking for migrants who’ve lost their lives | Support SSND by donating to Give STL Day | Help us honor Blessed Theresa
      • April 2018
        Associates build extended communities | Help us welcome our news sisters from Vietnam | Retreat into peace: St. Mary of the Pines Retreat Center
      • March 2018
        Join us for a Wine & Chocolate Soiree | Filling the void: SSND missions in Honduras | Changing lives…one woman at a time | Catholic Sisters: Spirit of St. Louis
      • February 2018
        Join us for a Women’s Leadership Luncheon | Visit to detained students leads to new ministry | Just released – the winter edition of the SSNDCP Newsletter
      • January 2018
        Preserving the legacy of SSND | An annual tradition: the nativity scene in St. Louis | Mother Bear – a volunteer project turned ministry

2017 Archive eNewsletter photo gallery


      • December 2017
        SSND connection with ‘Silent Night’ | Are you preparing for Christmas or “Consumas?” | Make giving to SSNDCP a Christmas tradition

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