2022 End of Year Appeal

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Dear Friend of School Sisters of Notre Dame,

One hundred seventy-five years ago, the School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrated their first Christmas in the United States.

Six pioneering women, including the congregation’s foundress, Blessed Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, had recently opened a mission school for girls at St. Mary’s, a German Catholic settlement in the forests of Pennsylvania. We can imagine that their celebration of the birth of Jesus was marked by profound gratitude for a safe arrival from across the ocean.

As our 175th Christmas in the U.S. approaches, we treasure the memory of your generosity. Please remain with us in spirit and, if you have felt blessed by God this year, make a gift that will allow us to continue to go forth with our ministries.

We know you’ll hear from many worthy charities this season. Saying “Yes” to SSND is about more than writing a check to a good cause.

We receive it as a gesture of your continuing friendship and love —
a mark of the Spirit of generosity that dwells in your heart.

Your contribution will help us meet urgent needs in communities where SSNDs are ministering to empower others through the gift of their presence, spiritual support, education, and other care for people who are vulnerable.

Thank you for being among the good and faithful friends who’ve loved and supported the Sisters. May you and your family enjoy a joyful and peace-filled Christmas.

With blessings and gratitude,

Sister Debra Sciano, SSND

Sister Debra Marie Sciano, SSND
Provincial Leader

P.S. We appreciate your reply before December 31st.

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