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Testament of love of neighbor

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by Judith Gregor, Associates Area Co-Coordinator - Wisconsin

The MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary Immersion experience on November 6, 2021, by Milwaukee area School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND), associates and pre-associates, was a day of appreciation of the development of this empowering and crucial center where the needs of the people in the poorest zip code of Wisconsin are discerned and addressed.

Sister MacCanon Brown, a member of the Sisters for Christian Community and an associate, led the way in welcoming and sharing. Several of the sanctuary workers/volunteers presented the story of the sanctuary. Also, hearing testimonies by persons served by, and now working at the sanctuary, spoke of the transformational, uplifting nature of this place.

Volunteers sort personal items for distribution

The day progressed with a tour of the building, seeing the structure of the new bathrooms and showers. We heard about resources like the meal program, health and social services, etc., that will be made available to recipients. We heard a presentation about the innovative aquaponic food system to be created at the center. Our group sorted donations for the center, which included more toothbrushes than we had ever seen. Sorting donated clothes afforded an impromptu fashion show by our group.

We marveled at the 24 raised garden beds tended in part by associate Jim Gill. Already the back door ministry at the center distributes food and much needed survival items twice a week while the five-story center is remodeled to provide full social/survival services. We pray that all will evolve favorably for this sanctuary, which stands as a testament of love of neighbor.

Everyone is welcome to tour the welcome center of the sanctuary on Saturdays at 2461 West Center Street. R.S.V.P. by the Thursday preceding the Saturday you’d like to tour by calling 414-404-0600. Or contact MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary, Inc.

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