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2021 in Review

Associates logoSchool Sisters of Notre Dame Associates

We invite you to watch this short video that highlights the 2021 associates year in review. Throughout 2021, we celebrated the ways we continued to connect and grow during the past year. We are grateful for Sister Joanne Dehmer’s presentation on transitions in June. We were thrilled when Sister Carolyn Anyega and Sister M. Martina Radez joined the associates during the General Council’s visitation in August. We were also grateful for being invited to join the Symposium on the Triune God, Province Day, the 10 Year Anniversary for the province and all the Shalom presentations.

The associates of the Central Pacific Province would like to share their 2021 highlights and statistics. Photo provided by Anne Carey, Director for Associates. Here are a few facts from the 2021:

  • 322 associates
  • 13 new associates
  • 7 deaths
  • Associates gathered in 13 states, Guam and Japan.

We are grateful for the support of the sisters and staff throughout 2021!

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