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unity in a divided world.
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the living God.
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innovative approaches to critical needs.
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all creation.
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the world through education.

Our Mission Your Mission

is to proclaim the good news,
directing our entire lives toward
that oneness
for which Jesus Christ was sent
for which God calls all.
As Jesus was sent to show
God's love to the world,
we are sent to make Christ,
to make God,
visible by our very being,

by sharing our love, faith, and hope.

You Are Sent
Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger


Associate Mary Heyn of Milwaukee has a unique location for her ministry: on a bus.

Ministry in an unlikely place

Associate Mary Heyn of Milwaukee has a unique location for her ministry: on a bus. She has published five books that explain Scripture and distributes the books on buses and at bus stops. She hopes the books will help people form closer relationships with God. In what ways can you help the spiritual lives of others?


Sunday Reflections - Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 26, 2017


In prayer gather Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Christian and Atheist before the Holy One. Together children with and without wheelchairs, canes, casts and hearing devices celebrate one team victory. Blades of grass, dunes of sand and waves of ocean—one earth. We open our eyes. We see one. Where are we blind? Where do I see one?


Donna Heckler, Director of Communications for Society of the Sacred Heart, author and national speaker

Marketing executive speaks
     at St. Louis luncheon

Donna Heckler, communications director of the Society of the Sacred Heart, will reflect on her life and how to overcome challenges with “And then God gave me a time out.” She will present at the Women’s Leadership Luncheon in St. Louis on Tuesday, March 28. How do you know when it’s time to pause?


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