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What anti-virus software should I be installing on my computer/laptop?
For anti-virus software, we recommend the two currently used anti-virus software used around the Province, Trend Micro and Symantec. Both are licensed products used by the Province Administrative offices and Sisters around the Province.

If you are using free anti-virus products or store purchased software that will soon expire, we ask that you contact us at 1-800-373-7521 or

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I would like a free email account, what do you recommend?
Our first recommendation for email is your email address. It is a safe and secure mailbox that only you have access to. We monitor and scan for viruses and spam, but other than that, you have full control over your account.

If you need to have a secondary email address and would like to use a free one, we recommend (previously known as Hotmail) or email accounts. We have found that these two providers are easy to set-up, do not make frequent layout changes to their e-mail pages and usually integrate with mobile devices very well.


What should I do with old/used ink cartridges?
Many cities have places that will take old/used printer cartridges for free. In most cases stores like Office Depot/ Office Max will take the cartridges free of charge and provide you with a free promotional item (i.e., ream of paper). However, if you are ever traveling to a local SSND campus (Notre Dame of Dallas, Notre Dame of Elm Grove, Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Mary of the Pines, or Sancta Maria in Ripa) you can always drop old/used cartridges off at the IT Office. We will be glad to recycle these cartridges for you.

What should I do with old computer equipment?
Any equipment provided to you by SSND should be returned to SSND. Please contact us (1-800-373-7521 or to arrange pick-up or drop off of the equipment.

If you have equipment (internet routers, modems, old telephone cables, power strips) that was not provided to you by SSND, we are also willing to accept any of these items. We will evaluate the equipment to determine whether it is reusable or if it needs to be recycled.


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