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December 2014

Firefox 10-Year Anniversary Release Focuses on Privacy - The new version of Firefox comes with new important privacy features. First, the introduction of the search engine DuckDuckGo that gives you search results without tracking who you are or what you search for. The next feature called "Forget" allows users to tell the Web browser to delete their recent activity. Mozilla’s introduction of a new program called Polaris, an initiative that aims at accelerating user-focused privacy online.

Adobe releases security updates for Flash Player - Adobe released updates to fix a total of 18 vulnerabilities, Adobe is advising Windows and Mac users to update their installations to Adobe Flash Player For assistance with verifying that you have the latest update, contact us directly at 1-800-373-7521 or

Beware of Fake Anti-Virus Pop-ups - These pop-ups sometimes appear after you open an email attachment, download files, or visit certain websites. The pop-up advertisements aim to mimic genuine warning alerts generated by computer security software, and often clicking on them will cause your computer to become infected. If you get pop-up anti-virus alerts please contact us directly at 1-800-373-7521 or

Some YouTube ads found to contain malware - Security experts are warning that malicious ads have found their way onto YouTube, potentially putting tens of millions of users at risk of infection. The ads themselves are not the problem, but once a user clicks on them for more information they are redirected to other sites containing the malware. The best defense is to be sure to keep your computers up-to-date. For assistance with making sure your computer is up-to-date, contact us directly at 1-800-373-7521 or

Beware of Telephone Tech Support Scams - This scam usually starts with a pop-up widow that appears while browsing the internet. This pop-up may say something like “your computer is infected with a virus” and provide a phone number to call for help. Calling the number will result in a request for remote access to your computer in an attempt to ‘fix’ the issue. Allowing this access leads to malware infections and puts personal information at risk. If any similar pop-ups appear on your screen, contact us directly at 1-800-373-7521 or

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