The 2022 Jubilee theme is We Respond in Love. This image has those words and beautiful colorful flowers.
Reflections on Jubilee 2022

This year's theme for Jubilee 2022 is We respond in Love. Join the School Sisters of Notre Dame by honoring the Jubilarians and enjoy reflections from sisters celebrating this year. Sister Helen Jane Jaeb, provincial councilor and 50-year Jubilarian, shared, “Even with the challenging times, I would not trade my years as a SSND.”
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Carmen Fernandez, prinipal of Noter Dame School of Dallas, shares her story of leadership and mentorship with Sister Dawn Aches. This photo is of Carmen and a student.
Leadership and mentoring go hand-in-hand

School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) transform the world by empowering future leaders through traditional and non-traditional education. These leaders, inspired by SSND, go on to influence the next generation of leaders. Carmen Fernandez, principal of Notre Dame School of Dallas, is one such leader who was influenced by SSND throughout her life. As an adult, Carmen continues to be mentored by Sister Dawn Achs. Now, the influence of both women will continue for generations.
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Sister Kathleen Eggering works in correctional facilities. This image is her teaching three young men.
Restorative justice

Sister Kathleen Eggering has been a chaplain at Cyndi Taylor Krier Juvenile Correctional Treatment Center since 2004. Recently, she was asked to share her prison ministry story through Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration and Climate. Sister Kathleen and another panelist discussed Restorative Justice. Sister Kathleen shared, “In restorative justice, it is important for people to see all humans as basically good, but they come from different environments."
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Our 2022 Women’s Leadership Luncheons feature women who demonstrated leadership, compassion and commitment in their community.
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Plan to attend the 2022 Women’s Leadership Luncheon at the University of St. Thomas to explore leadership with Jody Nelson, executive director of Change Inc.

Called to Action: a School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province Podcast. This image contains the logo of the podcast.
Podcast Season 2

Enjoy three episodes now of Called to Action, Season 2, and subscribe to receive notification for new episodes every other week.

The cover of the donor newsletter Vol 1. 2022. This cover features Notre Dame of Dallas school's principle and students.
Recognizing our leaders

The donor newsletter Vol. 1 2022 is now available! Read stories from sisters and friends on the circle of leadership and influence of SSND.

SSND recognizes Blessed Theresa Society members for their giving commitment. This logo is of Blessed Theresa in Germany with students.
Blessed Theresa Society

Make a long-term commitment to the SSND through a planned gift and join our Blessed Theresa Society.

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