The ordinary is extra-ordinary

January 2024 | Monthly eNewsletter

Sister Anna Marie Reha in Spain
  The ordinary is extra-ordinary  

During a 34-day Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) pilgrimage last fall, Sister Anna Marie Reha discovered the extraordinary amid the trek’s ordinary sights and sounds. The Camino is an extensive network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and culminating in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, at the tomb of St. James. Attentive to God’s voice, she discerned that with eyes and ears open and the heart receptive, everything and everyone around us is extraordinary, the manifestation of Christ, a manifestation of the divine. She bids us to journey well into the New Year and beyond, “Buen Camino!” - open to extraordinary wonders in our midst.

One Sister's Legacy
  One sister’s legacy  

Miriam Hankins, SSND associate, explores how her namesake, Sister Miriam Coovert, influenced her life, although they never met. Though Miriam did not know her namesake well, she learned that Sister Miriam served joyfully in many roles over 65 years - as a teacher, principal, leader and guide to young women discerning religious life. With deep personal roots and an affection for all she met, Sister Miriam planted seeds through her vocation that continue to bear fruit. Decades later, Miriam cherishes her rare name and has continued the SSND legacy herself by becoming a SSND associate. Though she regrets not connecting with her namesake in life, Miriam now sees how Sister Miriam's influence has flowed through her own life via lifelong ties to the SSND community.

Cover of Land Ethic Statement
  Mindful consumption for the sake of all God’s creation  

Our daily consumption choices have far-reaching impacts on people and the planet. Tim Dewane, director of Justice, Peace, & Integrity of Creation, examines how factory farming and fast fashion degrade ecosystems, exploit labor and drive climate change - with the poor disproportionately bearing the effects. Yet there is hope - we can break this cycle through mindful consumption and by supporting sustainable practices. Tim spotlights solutions like organic farming, farmworker justice programs, fair trade goods, plant-based diets, local sourcing, policy engagement with corporations and reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. These measures foster community resilience, regenerate soil, uphold dignity, reduce emissions and curb waste. They also express gratitude for creation's gifts. As the School Sisters of Notre Dame critically evaluate needs and see each choice as an opportunity to live shared values, they model this interconnected mindset. When we realize how our actions impact all creation, we can contribute to a healthier, more compassionate world for all people and planet.

SSND with Pope Francis in Rome

Pope Francis welcomes SSND


During the 25th General Chapter of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Rome, Pope Francis thanked and praised the sisters for their longstanding dedication to education, service and spirituality.

WLL Speaker District Police Chief Stacy Murphy

Join us in St. Paul


On March 14, 2024, the third of the 2024 Women’s Leadership Luncheons will be in St. Paul, Minnesota. Guest speaker, District Police Chief Stacy Murphy will talk about ‘Peaceful Leadership at All Ranks – Having a Positive Impact from Your Seat.’

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Check out Unscripted videos each month to learn fun facts about our sisters. This month – We ask Sister Mary Carla Huebner if she had a high school sweetheart.

SSND Associates pin logo

Become an associate


Associates are people called to live Gospel values within their own vocation in the spirit and vision of Blessed Theresa, foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

  You are invited!  

The SSND North American Vocation Team has several engaging opportunities planned in 2024 for young adults to connect with SSND and explore God's call, including the SEEK24 conference, Joyful & Alive Conversations, monthly prayer, discernment weekends and a summer service week. Those interested in learning more about these events and how to get involved can visit the SSND website for additional details and registration information.

  "God has created us for heaven."
Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, Letter 11, September 10, 1831

Sister Mary Paul Holdmeyer, December 18, 2023
Sister Beverly Ann Fries, December 19, 2023
Sister Mary Tacheny, December 22, 2023
Sister Virginia Bieren, December 23, 2023
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