Announcing the 2024 Women’s Leadership Luncheons!

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Women's Leadership Luncheon 2024, Women as Peacemakers
  Women’s Leadership Luncheon  

We are excited to announce the annual School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) Women’s Leadership Luncheon! Every year in March, SSND holds luncheons across the Central Pacific Province in Dallas, Milwaukee, St. Louis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The focus of the 2024 Women’s Leadership Luncheon celebrates the theme Women as Peacemakers in a Fractured World of Violence. We will share the impact peacemakers are making in our communities and how the work they are doing is inspiring others to do the same.

Dr. Edwin Bogonko with sisters that served in Africa
  Mission in full circle  

When Sister Marion Welter was recently at St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee, Minnesota, she met Dr. Edwin Bogonko. Dr. Bogonko grew up in Kisii, Kenya, and remembered fondly when SSND brought a school to his village. As a result of that meeting, a recent lunch held at Benedictine Living Center, Shakopee, with Dr. Bogonko and SSND, including Sister Maris Simon, one of the first four sisters who went to Kisii in 1974.

Dedication of Catholic Social Ministries Food Pantry
  Honoring Sister Lucille Zerr’s legacy  

Jim Keusenkothen, pastoral minister of Catholic Social Ministries Food Pantry in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, shares about the life and influence of Sister Lucille Zerr. Sister Lucille took part in the founding of the food pantry and dedicated many years to the board of directors and volunteering. She passed away in 2015, but the pantry has continued to grow. Last month, it expanded to a bigger facility. In honor of Sister Lucille’s tireless efforts, the pantry named the new building after her.

Trust and Dare

Trust & Dare


Trust & Dare is now available! Trust & Dare is our annual publication for family, friends and benefactors of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Africa, Asia and North America.

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Check out Unscripted videos each month to learn fun facts about our sisters. This month – Why did Sister Jill Laszewski become a School Sister of Notre Dame?

  Thank you!  
Summer Camp Sign

Thanks to your donations, 30 students from Ukraine were able to enjoy summer camp in a neighboring country. The children enjoyed typical camp activities in a peaceful setting, away from the daily hazards of war.

  "God has created us for heaven."
Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, Letter 11, September 10, 1831

Sister Helene Marie Robin, August 25, 2023

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