A collage of images with Mother Caroline Friess as the center picture. The words on the image provide glimpses of Mother Caroine's attributes.
Foundation Day celebrations

On October 24, the School Sisters of Notre Dame will celebrate 188 years since their founding in 1833. In honor of this incredible anniversary, you can enjoy past celebration stories, reflections and videos. Enjoy a celebration video featuring photos of sisters and quotes from Mother Caroline Friess, who led the growth and expansion of SSND in North America, which will be shared on Foundation Day.
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Sister Joan Shaefer has been to many areas of the world in her ministry work. This image is of her and another sister and some local workers cleaning the front steps in Ghana, Africa.
A life in snapshots

Sisters often have many different ministries during their life. Sister Joan Schaefer’s ministry life has taken her from St. Louis to Ghana, Rome, Dallas and Chatawa, Mississippi. Each location impacted her in a variety of ways. She reflected, “Wherever I am, I will continue to live gratefully to God and all the wonderful people who appeared in the varied snapshots of my long life.”
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Sister Barbara Pfarr is with Blanca Cano, an SSND associate, participating in a rally to support immigrant rights and essential workers through SOPHIA
Sisters reflect on leadership

A successful, confident leader possesses many different skill sets that shape their ability to lead. School Sisters of Notre Dame are leaders in many ways. Four sisters share reflections on what they believe make a courageous, compassionate leader. Read reflections from Sisters Julie Brandt, Gloria Cain, Barbara Pfarr and Carol Jean Dust.
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Sisters Bridget Waldorf; Mary Anne Owens and Maria Gomez at Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep for a welcome back to school night. This image was shared on the Vocations Instagram.
Vocations on Instagram

The School Sisters of Notre Dame North American Vocations Team is on Instagram. Follow them to learn about upcoming events and see their photos @ssndsisters.

Sister Julie Brandt celebrated her graduation on June 8, 2021 with the sisters at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mankato, Minnesota.
Save the Date to donate

Join the community of online donors on November 30 for #GivingTuesday. Your support will help SSND with retirement needs and in their ministries.


Sister Roxanne Schares, General Superior, visits with sisters who live at Sancta Maria in Ripa in St. Louis.
Gift stocks, bonds and securities

Did you know that stocks, bonds and securities can be transferred as gifts to SSND? Giving these gifts may also benefit the donor. Please consult your financial advisor. For account information, contact Mary Kay Murray, resource development director.

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