Rendering of the new chapel to be built at Trinity Woods in Milwaukee.
New chapel at Trinity Woods

The School Sisters of Notre Dame will move to Trinity Woods, a new intergenerational residence on the Mount Mary University campus in Milwaukee this fall. Leaving the historical Notre Dame of Elm Grove campus and Holy Family Chapel located at Elm Grove, Wisconsin, will be a major change for the sisters. However, the new chapel will preserve the heritage of the sisters.
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Sister Kathleen Bauer makes soaps at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mankato, Minnesota.
Creative solutions for Care of Creation

There are a variety of ways to do your part in caring for creation. The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) strive to think outside the box in an effort to respond to urgent global needs. One specific response has been lived out by Sister Kathleen Bauer who has been making soap with natural ingredients for over 25 years. She says she considers soap making a “ministry of love.” Providing educational opportunities is also very important to SSND, the 2021 Virtual Women’s Leadership Luncheons will feature women who are protecting the Earth in their communities.
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Sister Josephine Neimann working on fabric for Liturgical Fabric Arts at Sancta Maria in Ripa, St. Louis.
Mother Caroline and the Liturgical arts

Needlework was an important part of a German girl’s education in the 1800s. Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND), believed that needlework helped children focus their attention and she directed that sisters teach needlework 10 hours a week. Mother Caroline Friess, foundress of the SSND in North America, was very skilled at embroidery. It was not unusual for her to embroider vestments in her spare time. Today, Sister Josephine Niemann works in Liturgical Fabric Arts (LFA) in St. Louis. Sister Josephine shares what LFA means to her.
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Women's Leadership Luncheon 2021
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Join us for one of the Virtual Women’s Leadership Luncheons in March to hear from inspirational women leaders in your community on Care of Creation.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province Newsletter Vol. 1 2021. Topic for the issue: Be the change our Earth needs. In this issue: Stewardship Report.
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The donor newsletter, Vol. 1 2021 edition, is now available! Check out the Stewardship Report and stories on Care of Creation!

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