Sisters handed out food to community at the Generalate in Rome during COVID-19.
International sister reflections during COVID-19

Sisters Ann Coleman, Linda Marie Bos and Paulina Raymond live in very different parts of the world, but are all affected by COVID-19. Each of these sisters share in their own way how the pandemic has affected them. Sister Linda Marie, who is currently in Rome, shares, “The lack of the sound of traffic was a stark reminder that there were many without work. The frequent cry of the ambulance sirens prompted us to think of the many who were sick and of the health care workers who cared for them. Often, as a community, we pray that Jesus will heal the sick, heal our world and renew our respect for the gift of our world.”
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Sister Addie Lorraine Walker holds her Legacy Award from the 33rd Annual MLK Commission Inter-faith Worship Serviceaward, next to a priest.
SSND receives two prestigious awards

Sister Addie Lorraine Walker has focused her life on education from becoming a School Sister of Notre Dame to educating others. She has been recognized for her work throughout her ministries, but recently she received two very prestigious awards recognizing her work as an educator and as a “bridge builder” – across religion, race, economics and education. The awards she received are the Legacy Award at the 33rd Annual MLK Commission Inter-faith Worship Service and the Beautiful Are Their Feet Award from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference. When receiving the awards, Sister Addie Lorraine said, “I love being an SSND and I appreciate everything the community has done for me.”
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Sister Cecile Schueller and Minnesota State University student, Emily Stai, meet as part of a class assignment to learn more about "Aging with Grace."
An unforgettable experience

Three students share reflections of their experience meeting with sisters at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mankato, Minnesota. As part of a semester-long project, the students had the opportunity to meet and work with a specific sister to discuss “Aging with Grace.” The course looks at families living in the context of chronic illness and end-of-life situations. One student, Emily, shares, “It is so incredible to me that these women have dedicated their entire lives to serve God and the communities in which they are living. It is truly inspirational and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet many sisters.”
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Sister Audrey Lindenfelser with a student at East Side Learning Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Learn more about SSND ministries

Sisters, associates and lay colleagues work to fulfill the SSND mission by supporting and directing services through 13 sponsored, co-sponsored and affiliated ministries.

Liliana Lizano, SMP alum, S. Theresa Dietz and Helen Addison pose for a photo at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa, Mississippi.
SSND teach by example

Friend and donor Helen Addison, shares her connection to SSND through her experience at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa, Mississippi.

A photo of the house and barn house at Lil' Farm in Cambridge, Minnesota.
Li’l Farm closing

After 25 years, Li’l Farm Children’s Home Inc. located in Cambridge, Minnesota, is closing. Learn more through their last newsletter.

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