2018 Annual Meeting of the HACM Board of Commissioners at Convent Hill Senior Housing Complex, Wednesday July 11, 2018.  Pat A. Robinson photo for the Housing Aut
Bells provide connection to SSND’s history

For the School Sisters of Notre Dame located in the Milwaukee area, three special bells serve as a link to their rich and vibrant past. These three bells are known as St. Ignatius, St. Catherine and Carolus; all were originally housed at the motherhouse that was once located on Milwaukee Street in downtown Milwaukee.
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NDHS students on the first day of school.
Notre Dame High School hits highest enrollment in 3 years

Classes resumed on August 16, and students at Notre Dame High School (NDHS) in St. Louis are settling into their new routine. NDHS’ roots reach back to 1895, when the School Sisters of Notre Dame founded Sancta Maria in Ripa High School, a school for young women who were interested in entering the congregation. With more than 123 years of educational excellence, the curriculum and diversity have changed, but the freshman excitement is still the same.
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Stop Human Trafficking
SSNDs work to end sex trafficking

Introduced to a workshop entitled “Trafficking in Women and Children” Sister Helen Marie Plourde was inspired to study and get involved in local, national and global activities to end human trafficking. She is active in the quarterly meetings for the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force (MNHTTF), a group working to develop a sustainable solution to end human trafficking.
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Students at NDHS take on the Urban Plunge in Milwakee, Wis.
Notre Dame High School students take the Urban Plunge

Students from Notre Dame High School in St. Louis immersed themselves in the SSND mission when students took part in the Urban Plunge program at Elm Grove, Wisconsin, this past June.

Gardens at the Living Earth Center. Photo taken during the 1st Annual Picnic.
Living Earth Center continues the mission of SSNDs

To kick-off their new name, the Living Earth Center of Mankato, Minnesota, formerly known as the Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry, hosted their first annual Living Earth Picnic on August 25.

OLGC Craft Fair & Garage Sale was held in October of 2017.
Don’t miss the Craft Fair and Garage Sale in Mankato, Minnesota!

Explore the gifts and talents of the sisters during the 43rd annual Craft Fair and Garage Sale at Our Lady of Good Counsel on October 13, 2018!

Tutor working with student. Learning is exciting!
Have you seen our NEW Planned Giving Brochure?

Every gift is important to the sisters and shows that you share their vision. Include SSND as one of your charitable causes, by making us part of your legacy. Learn more about our planned giving opportunities.


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