Sisters Mary Beckman and Kathy Stark at the Wellston Center
Lending a helping hand: St. Augustine Wellston Center

Volunteers from St. Joseph Parish in Manchester, Missouri, started the Wellston Center, under the former St. Barbara Parish, more than 25 years ago. The School Sisters of Notre Dame, Mary Beckman and Kathy Stark, began directing and expanding it in 1992. This thrift store-modeled Center is helping roughly 400 clients monthly by providing a food pantry and other services.
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Sister Barbara Krauss with a 2018 PEPI graduate.
PEPI leaves a 40-year legacy of empowerment

In June 2018, the Progressive Education Program, Inc. (PEPI) closed its doors after almost 40 years of providing educational opportunities to the community. PEPI, located in New Iberia, Louisiana, has offered education to adult learners since 1979.
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Sister Rosa Maria Trochez, SSND, presenting her call for solidarity to a group of St. Louisians.
A call for solidarity from Honduras

On May 11, 2018, Sister Rosa Maria Trochez, traveled to St. Louis in order to discuss the extreme human rights crisis in Honduras. On May 14, a delegation of Hondurans and Sister Rosa Maria traveled to Washington, D.C., to share the message of solidarity with Congress and local churches. Sister Rosa Maria says, “We are going to speak about the hope of the people. Despite the fact that it is a very suffering community, we are working for peace.”
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This image is of flowers, lilipads and water to represent Care of Creation
Living out Care of Creation

The School Sisters of Notre Dame are dedicated to transforming the world. Here are stories from campuses around the province of how SSNDs are working to reduce their “footprint.”

This image is of the four SSND working in Nepal. Sisters Miriam Kanaya, Evangela Imamura, Barbara Soete and Andre Maureen Soete.
SSND School in Nepal

Sisters Miriam Therese Kanaya, Evangela Imamura, Barbara Soete and Andre Maureen Soete are featured in a Global Sisters Report about their education mission in Nepal.

This image is of an SSND at the 2017 Craft Fair. She is selling items.
Save the Date

We invite the community to explore the gifts and talents of the sisters during the 43rd annual Craft Fair and Garage Sale at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mankato, Minnesota, on October 13, 2018.


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