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Foundation Day 2020 - Celebrating 187 years.

“Let us work and serve in love and fidelity
and with good intention, not to please people, but the Lord!”
-Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, Letter #2941, 1859


As we celebrate the 187th year of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, we reflect on the past year and the many changes it brought. Through it all, we’ve continued to faithfully follow the example of Blessed Theresa, our foundress. She sought God in all things and enabled so many to seek God.

Thank you for supporting us in our shared mission, we are praying for you and your family.

Enjoy the recording of our Foundation Day Prayer Service held on October 24, 2020. The prayer service features sisters from across the province in prayer, scripture, song and photos.

~ Provincial Council
School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province

Sisters Debra Marie Sciano, Anna Marie Reha, Dawn Achs,
Mary Kay Brooks, Christine Garcia, Helen Jane Jaeb and Lynne Schmidt

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