The start of a new year at
Notre Dame School of Dallas

By Alex Eckler, Technology Instructor and Volunteer Coordinator for Notre Dame School of Dallas

Students of Notre Dame School of Dallas cannot wait to get back to learning. Before the school year officially begins, teachers spend 10 days in diligent preparation. They study new teaching techniques and ways to create lessons that are engaging and essential in helping their students reach their fullest potential. As those days of professional learning end, classroom preparation begins in earnest. The halls and doors of Notre Dame School of Dallas are lined with beautiful, bright, designs welcoming all of the 160 students ranging from ages 8 to 24.

Students are welcomed back after summer to Notre Dame of Dallas School. Everyone is excited for the new year to start.

Students cannot wait to get back to learning and socializing with their friends both old and new. The week before the first day of school, students, teachers and parents gather together to talk about their summer experiences and expectations for the new school year, and to socialize.

Excitement is at a fevered pitch as the first day of school begins. Gleeful faces emerge from their cars, new backpacks and school supplies in hand. Smiles abound as teachers greet their students with high fives and fist bumps. There are some nervous new faces, but they are welcomed and walked to their new classrooms. Every student takes a tour of the school to see where they go for physical education, lunch, computers, library and music classes.

Students are welcomed back after summer to Notre Dame of Dallas School. Everyone is excited for the new year to start.

Everyone gathers together for the back-to-school prayer service. With beautiful music, led by Director Kaylynn Eckler, students learn about the importance that God plays in a successful school year. Principal Theresa Francis welcomes all students and applauds new students, who rise to a standing ovation. Each homeroom poses for a photo and returns to their classes to continue learning.

The first week flies by and parents congregate for meet-the-teacher day and have all of their questions answered. Communication tools like RenWeb and ClassDojo are discussed and shared. Classroom guidelines about homework, behavior and assessment are demonstrated by each homeroom teacher. There are sign-ups for the school’s many extracurricular activities including basketball, soccer, track and field, flag football, bowling, and of course, the world-famous Notre Dame Cheerleaders. Beyond sports, events such as the yearly Christmas program, the annual spring show and the bell choir are spotlighted. The Notre Dame Home School Association cements the important bond between home and school life.

The sounds of laughter and learning resonate down the halls. Friends share stories about their summer. The words of Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, SSND Foundress, linger in the air, “Follow the star which has arisen in you; it will certainly lead you to Jesus.” At Notre Dame School of Dallas, the mission continues. Another year has started and will bloom into a beautiful flower. The works of the School Sisters of Notre Dame begin anew with the mantra, “no limits, just possibilities.”

Notre Dame School of Dallas is a sponsored ministry, founded in 1963 by SSND. Learn more about Notre Dame School of Dallas.

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