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By Sister Donna Wermus, 60-year Jubilarian

Sister Donna Marie WermusAs we begin our Lenten journey, we’re invited to take on the mind of Christ more fully in order to enter more completely into the life that God desires for us. This can happen as we reflect on the scripture readings of the season, as we go to “our inner room” and make the scripture story our own.

While praying with the Gospels, we see Jesus facing temptations similar to those that we face, to be noticed, to have power, to trust in what is not of God. We see him transfigured, revealing who he really is and who it is that directs his life. We can enter into Jesus’ compassionate encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, a woman whose shame prevents her from going there at the same time that the other women fill their water jugs, but who later goes forth announcing that this man knows her, and her history and has moved her beyond her shame.

In a later Gospel, we read of the man born blind. It is not only the blind man who receives his sight, but also those who witnessed the event who are challenged to see the light. As we draw closer to Easter, we enter into the raising of Lazarus with its intimations of Jesus’ own impending death and resurrection.

As we ponder these readings, we can discern how they are calling us to take on the mind and heart of Christ, in ways that take us out of ourselves.

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The 2020 Jubilee design is based on four gingko leaves arranged in a cross design symbolizing our paths to eternal life. The ginkgo connects us to our Japanese sisters, the four leaves hold the heart, and our hearts are connected to our God and to one another. The leaves radiate out from the core as being faithfully loved by God, and impels us to reach out in love to others. The colors hold their own symbolization; green is growth, blue for Mary our mother and magenta for receiving and giving love.

Jubilee 2020 - Embraced by God's Love

~This mandala was designed by Sister Fran (Frances) Dotta, 50-year Jubilarian.

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