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Lent reflection

“Turn to me with all your heart” says our God to each one of us. Lent is one of those moments that we as disciples, once again reflect on the conversion that we know we need in our lives. Sometimes we think the actions need to be large ones, but in God’s eyes, it is not about size but our love response.

Prayer hands with prayer card of Jesus.As I was reflecting on Lent, what came to mind again were the three actions that we have so often heard: PRAYER, FASTING and ALMSGIVING. These are still key words today, but each Lent brings us to a new awareness of them. One way to look at it would be to take each action and determine how we might live it out personally each day during this 2019 Lent.

Here are a few examples.

PRAYER: What commitment in my prayer life will I make or enter into more fully? Might I turn my heart to God in gratitude two or three times a day? What could I do to strengthen my relationship with God?

FASTING: Is there a new way to look at fasting? Will it be fasting from judging others, refraining from unkind actions toward someone or an action to use less water?

ALMSGIVING: Who might I reach out to with an act of kindness, such as a smile, a visit, a compliment; whether it is a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker; or what part of God’s creation will I take better care of?

These small ways of showing love to God, one another, and God’s creation lead to a conversion of heart. In the words of Blessed Theresa, foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, “Love gives everything gladly, everything again and again, daily.” (Blessed M. Theresa Gerhardinger, Letter #1, 1833)

Lent reflection by Sister Marion Welter


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