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Associates and sisters – A special connection

By Associates Cheri Bailey, Jody Landry and Mary Beth Campagna

Sister Magdela Winter and Associate Annette Hritz in Mankato, Minn. More than 280 women and men are connecting with School Sisters of Notre Dame through spiritual, educational and social activities as associates. You can discover the gifts God has shared through SSND, build relationships and become involved, too!

Why does a person choose to become an associate of SSND? There are likely as many reasons as there are associates. At the core is the desire to share in faith, prayer and spiritual growth. Within his or her lifestyle, each associate lives the Gospel values in the spirit of SSND. Together, sisters and associates support and challenge one another in living the mission of Jesus Christ.

Associate Jan Brown, from Buffalo, Minn., shared about a recent reflection day she experienced with the School Sisters of Notre Dame. “As a nurse, grandmother and volunteer, I continually strive to root out what in me does not respect diversity nor contribute to a world of peace and unity. By listening to others, voicing hope and challenging myself and others to audaciously live the charism of unity and diversity, the call of Love Cannot Wait [SSND directional statement] can be realized.”

Baton Rouge Garage Sale Cherie Bailey, Jody Landry, Mary Beth Campagna Associates of the Central Pacific Province currently live in 17 states, Guam and Japan. They become acquainted with the School Sisters of Notre Dame in many ways. Some associates work or volunteer with the sisters in their ministries, some were taught by SSNDs and others met a sister at an event or in their neighborhood.

People may be part of the pre-associate process, which allows individuals to explore what it means to be an associate. Participants learn about Blessed Theresa, foundress of the congregation, and Mother Caroline, the first North American leader, and discover the gifts from God that give focus to the SSND life and mission. The process helps the individual to discern about becoming an associate.

Find out more about the associates of the School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province by contacting the associate co-director Anne Carey.

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