45th Annual Craft Fair and Garage Sale

Craft Fair & Garage Sale eNewsletter Image. The event will be held on Saturday, October 10, 2020.

Postponed until Saturday, October 9, 2021!

Our Lady of Good Counsel
170 Good Counsel Drive, Mankato, MN
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To ensure the safety of all who attend and love the Craft Fair & Garage Sale, we have postponed the event until Saturday, October 9, 2021. Place the date on your calendar now, for next year!

VIRTUAL Apple Pie Cafe!

Craft Fair & Garage Sale

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To ensure the safety of all who attend and love the Craft Fair & Garage Sale, we have postponed the event until Saturday, October 9, 2021. Place the date on your calendar now, for next year!

In the meantime, you can continue to support our sisters in retirement and in active ministry by donating to the VIRTUAL Apple Pie Café! Your purchase of a “VIRTUAL slice of apple pie” gets us closer to our goal of $10,000.
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Shared memories:

What do you love the most
about the Craft Fair & Garage Sale?

“I love the hand sewn items. I am still using the rosary zippered pouch I had purchased at the craft fair many years ago.”

“The craft fair is an annual outing I look forward to. I have met many wonderful folks while dining and walking around. I always purchase some homemade goodies and find at least one treasure I cannot live without.”

“The craft fair provides the chance to visit with a college roommate. There is also a large variety of items, which are different from the things I have around my home.”

“Everything! The atmosphere, the beautiful, surprising and delightful array of arts and crafts. Of course the amazing food! Especially the Elderberry syrup!”

“We've been going every year since my girls were little. My daughter, May, buys a hat every year from one of the sisters. We love them. My four sisters, my three girls and I, look forward to the craft fair every year. We also get to spend time with our wonderful aunt, Sister Mary Arthur.”

“I love the SSND garage sale! I teach Faith Formation and every year, I find treasured religious items that I can give to my students. We have seasonal parties and I want to give them items that will bring them closer to Jesus and His Blessed Mother.”

“I really enjoyed coming to the sale and visiting with the sisters. My sister, Joyce, was a part of the community when I was younger, so I grew up visiting Our Lady of Good Counsel. Years later, I was one of the first college students to rent out the rooms available after the boarding school was closed. I have very fond memories of Good Counsel.”

“One of the favorite things that I used to enjoy was visiting with my aunt, Sister Anne Marie, on this special day. She is now in heaven with Jesus, but I still come every year because it is a special way for me to honor her and everyone there. The bakery items are my husband’s favorite! Especially, the ‘aunt Sally cookies!’ I love seeing and buying from all the areas, but especially the quilts.”

“I love bringing my mom, Kay, up to visit with all the wonderful sisters. We love buying the delicious treats and fabulous crafts.”

“I love the handmade crafts! Sister Mary Arlene was my aunt, who introduced me to crafting as a young child. She made everything fun. I miss her.”

“My favorite memory is Sister Monica’s apple fritters!”

“I love to see all the creativity of the handmade crafts. I also love the home-made egg noodles and other baked goods.”

“I love it all. My favorites are the soaps, the wood shop and greeting cards. Oh, and those smooth stone sculptures.”

“Sister Irene Feltz was my aunt. Each year, we came to visit her, meet up with our cousins and buy the beautiful items available.”

“The best thing about the Craft Fair & Garage Sale is re-connecting with the ladies living in residence, former classmates and acquaintances.”

“Visiting friends new and old! I also enjoy purchasing Christmas gifts while supporting a wonderful cause!”

“Working with the sisters on the garage sale for the past 10 years has been the highlight of our fall visit to Mankato. We love to welcome shoppers and see what ‘treasures’ they are buying. The apple pie and ice cream are a real treat.”

“I love seeing the sisters who were at my church, Church of the Holy Childhood. My sisters, girlfriend, dad (when he was living) and I would look for them and visit. Sister Dianne was also my softball coach, and Sister Marie would go ice-skating with us girls. Sister Thelma was my mom's card partner. I volunteered at our nearby care center with Sister Mary Ann Williams. There are so many wonderful memories with all of them.”

“I love the garage sale and finding good ‘junk!’ I also love seeing all the sisters we know, as well as the beautiful fall drive to get to Our Lady of Good Counsel. Everyone is in such a festive mood and has worked together to make this wonderful day happen! Each year, I attend with old friends. We spend the whole day and have a wonderful time shopping!”

“What do I like about the craft fair? My favorite food to buy is the homemade salsa. I love the beautiful handmade items, especially the crocheted and fabric placemats.”

“This is a wonderful craft fair with lots of enjoyable items, but I also love visiting with the sisters and seeing some of my former teachers.”

“There are so many favorites! I love seeing my aunt (Sister Lynore) and many of the sisters I have met through her. Normally, I bring my husband and daughters there to enjoy the day. I even have pictures of when my daughters were in strollers! Who can forget the pie? And the yummy homemade items, especially the cherry jam and last year, the egg rolls.”

“I enjoyed meeting Sister Lucia, as well as seeing the beautiful and very detailed picture she drew for my father holding the only grandson that carried his last name. It is still a treasured piece of art. In subsequent years, she captured the likeness of all of my grandchildren. The sights, smells and joy that surrounds the craft fair, makes it one of the most ‘looked forward to’ events of the fall.”

“I loved buying the gorgeous cards with artwork and/or photography on the covers. I then send them throughout the year. I’m always sure to give props to the SSND who created the card and thus, spread their mission around the world with a card.”

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What do you love the most about the Craft Fair & Garage Sale?

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