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2018 in Review

Associates logoSchool Sisters of Notre Dame Associates

We close this year celebrating the many blessings of 2018. We were blessed with many gatherings scattered throughout the province. Our most popular topics during 2018 included human trafficking, Laudato Si and Loves Gives Everything. Associates have been involved with visiting retired sisters and associates, gathering and distributing items for people in need, helping children with few resources and praying for the urgent needs of our world. The heritage pilgrimage to Germany was a highlight, allowing 14 associates to connect with German sisters, associates and renewing their covenant at Mother Theresa’s grave in Munich.

Two SSND associates who gathered in 2018. Here are a few facts from the year:

  • 313 associates
  • 22 new associates
  • 5 deaths
  • 20+ pre-associates
  • Reside in 20 states, Guam and Japan
  • 100s of gatherings in a variety of settings throughout the province
  • Articles in Connections, NewsLink, Central Pacific Facebook page

We are grateful for the support of the sisters and staff throughout 2018!

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  • What a difference a day makes! In October 2019, Laura Harvancik joined as an associate of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Laura, director of Rising Stars, an SSND ministry, shares her journey to becoming an associate. Read more...
  • Beekeeping shows mercy and compassion Most people may not think of beekeeping as an act of mercy. However, if the main reason to care for bees is to help them survive in an increasingly unsafe environment made so by human action, and to refrain from exploiting them for the honey they produce, beekeeping surely represents compassion and mercy. Read more...
  • SSND associates take a stand against human trafficking Associates throughout the Central Pacific province are taking a stand against human trafficking through prayer, education and helping those who are impacted. Three human trafficking conferences were held in St. Louis, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, and Chatawa, Mississippi, in an effort to educate associates. Read more...

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