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SSND joint statement regarding the war in Ukraine

March 18, 2022

Dear Friends,

The School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province and Atlantic-Midwest Province developed the following joint statement regarding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) Central Pacific Province and Atlantic-Midwest Province condemn the military action in Ukraine and the suffering it is causing. As our world cries out for peace, let us renew our commitment to Gospel Nonviolence and Just Peace and encircle the world with prayer, fasting, and action for peace and reconciliation for the people of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

SSND in Eastern Europe are responding to the needs of the refugees, mostly women and children, who are fleeing into neighboring countries to escape the ravages of the war. SSND are providing food, accommodations and the many necessities needed by refugees who left home with only what they could carry.

In addition to prayer, please consider giving a donation to support SSND working in Eastern Europe. Donations can be given online or by check.

To support those who must remain in Ukraine, the SSND recommend donations to Caritas Internationalis or Jesuit Relief Services. Both are trusted organizations that are providing vital assistance into Ukraine, neighboring countries and throughout Europe.

This statement will be shared in multiple ways in the coming days. In addition, on behalf of the province, we have made donations to our sisters working in Eastern Europe to support Ukrainian refugees and to Caritas Internationalis. We appreciate your ongoing prayers and support.

With love, peace and blessings,
Sister Deb Sciano, Sister Dawn Achs, Sister Mary Kay Brooks, Sister Christine Garcia, Sister Helen Jane Jaeb, Sister Anna Marie Reha and Sister Lynne Schmidt

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