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Celebrate with us our 2016 Jubilarians

Each year we, the School Sisters of Notre Dame of the Central Pacific Province, honor and celebrate our sister Jubilarians. For us, Jubilee is a special time to rejoice with our Jubilarians as they celebrate their 25, 50, 60, 70, 75 or 80 years of faithful love and service to God through their vowed commitment of God's faithfulness to them.

This Jubilee year of celebration and commemoration provides an opportunity for each Jubilarian to renew her vows and reflect upon God’s boundless love. The occasion of Jubilee is also a time for all sisters of the province and international congregation to express gratitude to God and to our Jubilarian sisters for their faithful love.

Join us in celebrating our Jubilarian sisters by reading their profiles, sending them an eCard, sharing a story about them, honoring them with a donation or checking back to view which Jubiliarian will be featured.

Celebrating 25 Years - Silver Jubilee

Beatriz Martinez-Garcia

Celebrating 50 Years - Golden Jubilee

Mary Kay (Mary Eric) Ash
Sandy Bay
Mary Susan (Marie Lucile) Berg
Susan (Bethani Marie) Biegert
Gail (Charles Mara) Buckman
Joan (Marie Jerrilyn) DiProspere
Irene (Marie Francis) Dohmen
María Elena Ferrer-López
Regina Fox
Patricia (Josanne) Gehling
Lynore (Kenneth Arlene) Girmscheid
Mildred Marie Glosemeyer
Jean Marie (Miriam Josanne) Grefenkamp
Theresa Marise Hansen
Janet (Annette) Heiar
Mary (Marguerite Marie) Hodel
M. Judith Kamada

Miriam Therese Kanaya
Ann Carol (Susan Mary) Kaufenberg
Ruth Ann (Florenne Marie) Klauser
Kathleen (Donna Marie) Koenen
Mary Eileen Nakamura
Diane Marie (Vernon Marie) Owens
Joyelle Proot
Mary (Loretta Maureen) Rost
Mary Kay (Marie Ramon) Schmitt
Judith (Denis Mara) Schroeder
Kathleen (Sandra Marie) Storms
Gloria Sturgeon
Mary Joanna Suh
Marie Rose Van Deurzen
Esther (Marie Antoine) Wagner
Karen Jeanne (Kara Lynn) Walther
Cora Weismantel

Celebrating 60 Years - Diamond Jubilee

Maxine (Davidia) Bauer
Mary Jacqueline Buckley
Margaret (Steven Ann) Buresh
Gemma Marie Dittle
Alice Mary (Hilda Marie) Druffel
Kathleen (Thomas Maureen) Eggering
Maryann (Miriam Edward) Greenwald
Pat (M. Rosemond) Hall
Adele Marie Hofschulte
Rita (Ann Rita) Jirik
Anna Louise (William Ann) Kemen
Rose Marie (Mary Antonice) Krebs
Georgeann Krzyzanowski
Marie Estelle Kuczynski
Marie DeLourdes Larente
Carol (Loretta) Lesch
Ruth Anne (Lenita) Lichter
Marie Blanche Marschner
Marilyn (Mark Marie) McCue
Patricia (Mary Claude) McCusker
Joann (Mary Joelyn) McMahon
Mary Ann (Edward Maureen) Morley
Maureen Therese Mueller
Imelda Marie Mulloy

Mary Francita Orcholski
Paulette Pass
Helen Marie (Mary Edwardene) Plourde
Annora Polega
Bernadette (Marie Jose) Quintanilla
Mary Francine Rathouz
Richardine Rempe
DelRey Richard
Miriam James Schmucke
Judith (Marie Bernarde) Schuck
Karen Marie Seeker
Helen (Mary Vernon) Stejskal
† Mary Raynalda Szyszka
JuneMarie (Mary Duane) Tacheny
Jane (Francis Mary) Thibault
Mary Bernard Unpingco
Kathy (Josepha Marie) Van Hulst
Lucy (Marie Duchesne) Vehige
Mary Delbert Weisensel
Mary Jo (Mary Clarus) Welter
Marie (Walter Marie) Williams
Marilyn (Marie Dolore) Wussler
Guadalupe Zozaya
Pauline (Clement Marie) Zweber

Celebrating 70 Years - Gold and Ruby Jubilee

DeMontfort Berchtold
Carine Dirkers
Therese (Mary Gerald) Even
Mary Noel Ewald
† Mary Briant Foley
M. Berenice Hartke
Judith Marie Jung

 Joan Emily (Honore) Kaul
Alene Kuhn
Mary Niva Langreck
Karen Lay
Philip Marie Link
Sharon Rempe
M. Luella Zollar

Celebrating 75 Years - Gold, Ruby and Diamond Jubilee

Rita (Marie Celine) Garity
Mary Ernest Gibson
Lucille (Thomas Aquinas) Heidenreich
Janice Koziolek

Elizabeth (Emile) Nabholz
Mary Leonelle Schiferl
Lorenzo Schuster

Celebrating 80 Years - Diamond and Pearl Jubilee

M. Joleen Huelsmann
Marlena Janis
Frances Therese Jungwirth

† Joselia Kleinpeter
Mary Louis Pihaly
† Mary Carolyn Stahl

† Deceased


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